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Utility Analysis

In order to understand how you spend on energy, we analyze your utility bills and 15 minute interval data. What we look for is the amount of energy you use, when you use it (day/night), and what demand charges are being incurred and when. To ensure a hassle free evaluation, our API integration allows us to acquire this information securely and seamlessly.

Energy Solutions

By understanding your energy usage, we can provide the exact solution(s) to obtain the project objectives: savings, infrastructure and/or energy independence. Whether it’s Solar, LED, Energy Storage, HVAC controls, or a custom mix and match, we only propose what get results.


Comprehensive yet easy to understand, our proposal encompasses every faucet of your project to ensure you have accurate information to make the decision. Proposals usually contain current utility analysis, proposed system design and specifications, expected system performance, new energy analysis (if proposed system is implemented) and financial options and cash flows.



SCS Energy Solutions manages every aspect of our projects, beginning to end. Obtaining permits, engineering, handling of rebate, incentive, and financial paperwork, construction and installation, and final approval are all standard.

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