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Energy Monitoring Services

We bring the full capabilities of technology to monitoring and optimizing your energy grid.

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Fabrication & Implementation

We handle solution design, manufacturing, logistics, installation, and rebate management for all our clients.

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Client Value & Partnership

SCS Energy takes client partnership very seriously. We take care only to work with clients when energy solutions MAKE SENSE.

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Industrial Manufacturing

We work with the manufacturing industry to tackle key problems around energy usage and peak demand smoothing.

Commercial Real Estate

We partner with large commercial real estate groups to unlock the value of their holdings as well as helping to produce portfolio gains through the use of energy  strategies.

Retail & Consumer Goods

We partner with large scale box top stores, chains, and retail market locations to help improve their bottom lines without disruption to their clients.

Federal, State & Local

We partner with Federal, State and Local agencies and municipalities to help support their mission of providing services and stewarding the tax payers money.

Grocery & Convenience

We help large chain grocery stores find immense value in leveraging proven energy strategies while leverage our unique products to help bolster their sales.

Warehousing & Storage

We support warehouse and storage facilities in providing a wide-range of energy solutions that bring additional savings right to the bottom line.

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