Company History

SCS Energy Solutions is a full service commercial energy consulting and implementation firm. From the beginning SCS Energy has helped design and implement comprehensive energy management projects for major commercial entities. With over 30 years of experience in the energy industry, our executive leadership team has helped some of the most notable global brands develop solutions for each of their facilities.

  • 2008

    entering the LED market

    SCS energy solutions started as a wholesale manufacturer of LED lighting solutions. Lighting represents 60-70% of any commercial facilities energy footprint. As the wholesale manufacturer, SCS was able to provide comprehensive energy solutions focused on lighting retrofits.

  • 2012

    launching nationally

    SCS energy solutions first entered the national market in 2012 with several major clients. Our commitment to customized and cost effective lighting solutions helped build major brand recognition throughout the west coast. In 2013, SCS went national with several major clients across the southwest and across into the southeast.

  • 2014

    full service financing

    SCS was one of the first in the market to couple energy consulting, design, fabrication, and implementation services with the power of comprehensive in-house financing programs. While traditional financiers were late to fund energy projects, SCS was one of the first to offer comprehensive energy financing programs to our clients.

  • 2015

    energy monitoring and storage

    Decreasing costs of energy storage now make it possible for SCS Energy Solutions to couple its Lighting, HVAC, and Solar solutions with the power of energy storage and demand smoothing. Our addition of advanced monitoring and storage functionality allows our customers to further monitor the effectiveness of our programs year over year.

How can we help you?

SCS Energy offers free consultations and client walkthroughs. Contact us at the office nearest you or submit an inquiry online.

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