Services Summary

Energy Strategy & Planning

Every competitive company should have an energy strategy. SCS Energy Solutions supports our clients in developing full scale professional energy solutions.

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LED Lighting Manufacturing

SCS Energy Solutions manufacturers commercial & industrial LED lighting. LED lighting is at the core of our energy optimization strategy for any client.

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Energy Monitoring Software

Our comprehensive energy optimization strategies are further enhanced by our robust monitoring and management software.

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Solar Energy Solutions

Solar solutions can be an effective compliment to a robust energy solution. SCS works with customers to help find the right solution every time.

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HVAC Controls

SCS Energy incorporates traditional HVAC energy strategies into a more comprehensive monitoring program for our clients.

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Storage & Peak Smoothing

With the advancement of local energy storage, SCS can now offer commercial clients a cost efficient way of smoothing peak-demand charges.

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How can we help you?

SCS Energy offers free consultations and client walkthroughs. Contact us at the office nearest you or submit an inquiry online.

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