Pipeline and Infastructure Monitoring


Using a combination of advanced UAS Systems, Sensors and Data Mitigation techniques, SCS Energy Solution’s PIM Program focuses on addressing a wide variety of challenges our clients face on a daily basis. The program highlights are below:


• Inspection for Leaks and Spills

• Ability to Detect Large Range of Products • Cost Effective

• 24 /7 Operation

• Minimal Human Supervision

LAUSD Demand Management


SCS Energy Solutions and our partner, MircoNOC Inc, have teamed up with LAUSD to reduce demand charges at 3 locations. The program highlights are below.


• Creation of Detailed Energy Profile & Identification of Usage Peaks

• Implementation of Demand Management Systems to Smooth Usage Peaks.

• Reduce Energy Bill by 20 – 40 % 

• 24 /7 Operation