IRVINE, Calif.Aug. 22, 2016  — SCS Energy Solutions – Lighting Division- announces the retrofit of the Maverick Baseball field with SCS Custom Sports Stadium Lighting.

SCS replaced 44 MUSCO Metal Halide HID sports lights that used 2,300 watts each.

SCS designed and installed 40 sports stadium rated – 900 watts each – LED lights replacing the existing MUSCO lights. SCS LED lights provide 3 times the foot candle measurements to the baseball diamond and all three outfield positions, using only 180,000 watts per game; a savings of 326,000 watts per game!

The existing system used approximately 506,000 watts per 9-inning game. Every game at Maverick Field under the SCS LED Lighting System saves energy equivalent to:

3.9 propane cylinders used for home barbeques

549 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle

25.8 gallons of gasoline consumed.

(source: US EPA)

The SCS Energy Solutions – Finance Division- put together a custom, comprehensive financing package for the Maverick Baseball Academy, which met the town and the academies financial requirements.  Maverick field management confirmed the SCS LED solution was the best technical approach and 40% less in cost than the nearest competitive bid at nearly 40% more footcandles delivered to the ground.

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