Cactus Ave Project

Solar, Battery & LED

On site: 

  • 2,000+ solar panels will be installed on newly constructed carports (solar support structures).
  • LED fixtures are replacing over 1,700 fluorescent tubes.
  • 3 mid-sized batteries have been procured through EnergPort, a partner of SCS Energy Solutions, for demand management.

SCS Energy Solutions also completed a Solar Glare Analysis, per the request of March Air Reserve Base, to ensure the glare from the solar panels were not likely to impair pilot safety.


West Hollywood Apartments

LED Only

While the (left) image is softer on the eyes, for security + longevity LED is a clear upgrade on the right.

The yellow hue from HID / HPS lighting makes law enforcement visually identifying suspects on video a much more difficult task. LED creates a better visual atmosphere and safer parking garage environment.

Plus no more annoying HUMMMMM from those old lights either…